We provide comprehensive care and cleaning services using modern equipment and detergents.

«CLEANTOBE» has rich experience in cleaning residential complexes, porches, public premises of apartment buildings.

Thanks to the professional approach, the premises of your residential complex will always be clean and tidy. In order to create comfort, a number of cleaning activities are required.

Cleaning residential complexes includes the following cleaning activities:

  • comprehensive entrance group service
  • comprehensive service for window and metal-plastic structures, window sills, glass and mirror surfaces and partitions
  • comprehensive servicing of lampshades, heating radiators, mailboxes, interior items
  • industrial mountain climbing
  • comprehensive and supportive cleaning of rooms, halls, corridors, elevators, stairwells
  • cleaning of technical premises from non-specific pollution
  • garbage collection and wastebasket cleaning
  • maintenance of mud carpets

Do you want your home to be clean and well cleaned? Contact us! We can clean up any room!

How to order housekeeping in Chisinau?

You just need to call us on +37369555365 or use the feedback form on the website. Our manager will be able to answer all your questions, clarify the details related to the tariffication of services and take an order for housekeeping of apartments at any time convenient for you.

How much does a housekeeping cost?

The cost of work is calculated individually, based on the preferences of the client, however, you can find the approximate prices on the page of prices for cleaning services.

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