Disinfection / pest control / deratization / deodorization

Sarks Agency - CLEANTOBE - recommends Pestbusters - a company specializing in disinfection, disinfestation, deratization and deodorization of premises.

Pestbusters uses highly effective chemicals that are safe for humans and pets.

The company has international experience, its specialists work in Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Poland.

There is a WARRANTY against insects and other pests.

How to order - disinfection / disinfestation / deratization / deodorization in Chisinau?

All you need to do is dial our phone number +37369555365 or use the feedback form on the website. Our manager will be able to answer all your questions, clarify the details related to the tariffication of services and accept an order for the performance of work at any time convenient for you.

How much does this type of service cost?

The cost is calculated individually, based on the preferences of the client, however, you can find approximate prices on the page prices for cleaning services .

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