Cleaning after repair

Cleaning after repair

«CLEANTOBE» carries out general cleaning in rooms of any size, any type and complexity. All work is carried out efficiently and on time

«CLEANTOBE» offers professional cleaning of facades and glazing of buildings. Dust, dirt, inscriptions, plaque of exhaust gases of cars - all this spoils the appearance of the building, harms the image of the organization and causes hostility among most people.

The complexity of these works is related to washing and cleaning surfaces and coatings from contamination by construction and finishing materials. In our work we use highly effective certified products, equipment for hard-to-reach spots, specialized professional equipment, which allows us to maintain the integrity of the surfaces and appearance of finishing materials.

During the commissioning period, a comprehensive cleaning of the entire interior of the building is carried out, including the removal of construction waste. It is characterized by a more complete degree of cleaning of any surfaces and coatings of the entire building, for subsequent commissioning.

List of work possible during general cleaning after construction:

  • comprehensive maintenance of window and metal-plastic structures on both sides, window sills, glass and mirror surfaces and partitions with removal of the protective film / oracal
  • polishing mirrors and glass surfaces
  • deep cleaning with the removal of traces of paint, grout and other contaminants from hard surfaces of floors, walls, baseboards
  • if necessary - deep cleaning of paved floors with a rotary / floor washer
  • comprehensive maintenance of walls, doors, door blocks
  • comprehensive lighting services
  • comprehensive service of bathrooms with disinfection and elimination of plaque and dirt on tiles, plumbing, accessories
  • removal of contaminants from horizontal and vertical surfaces of furniture and home decoration
  • vacuum carpet cleaning
  • if necessary - dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture

Do you want your home to be clean and well cleaned? Contact us! We can clean up any room!

How to order cleaning after repair in Chisinauu?

You just need to call us on +37369555365 or use the feedback form on the website. Our manager will be able to answer all your questions, clarify the details related to the tariffication of services and take an order for cleaning of apartments after reparation at any time convenient for you.

How much does a cleaning after repair cost?

The cost of work is calculated individually, based on the preferences of the client, however, you can find the approximate prices on the page of prices for cleaning services.

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